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Sending Crews to Other States

We are a small LLC/S Corp set up, located, and working in GA.   We are looking at expanding by contracting jobs in other states.  We would be sending crews into other states to work as well as hiring workers locally .  What things do we need to make sure are in place when sending a crew to another state to perform work?  ie. Do we need to register with the state or contract with a firm to provide a "registered agent"? Do we need to arrange to pay unemployment insurance to the state? Do we need to arrange to pay state withholding taxes?  Do we need to add the state to our Workers Compensation policy? What do I need to know that I don't even know to ask?


Who would we contact for guidance to ensure we are compliant before doing work in the other state? A CPA, a Business Attorney, or who? 


Regarding Quickbooks.... we currently use Desktop Pro and Enhanced Payroll, but it does not allow for an employee to be working in more than one state during a pay period.  Assuming we do need to withhold and pay state taxes based on where the work is completed, is there any version of QuickBooks that allows for employee's time and pay to be assigned across multiple states during a pay period? Does it generate a single W2 created at year end or multiple based on the wages paid in each state?





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Sending Crews to Other States

Helo JillS.  A lot of factors to consider here.  Are the workers residents of GA or another state.  How long are they working out of state?  Certainly other states may have laws and regs to follow which you will need to investigate.  W-2's are a federal form, you would only issue one per year to each employee.   There are many payroll services that support multi-state payroll, for a few dollars more of course.  Good luck!

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