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Setup QBO for Nonprofit

Is there some listing/etc. that I need to configure QBO for a nonprofit?

I know I need to change customers to donors, and income to revenue, expenses to expenditures...

but I have no idea what else I need to do to get it all setup properly.


Thanks in advance.

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Setup QBO for Nonprofit

Hey @KristinaBaker,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. Are you looking to simply rename accounts to reflect the wording you need? Or are there legal requirements around these changes? 


The customer designation cannot be changed in QuickBooks, but you could always add a suffix or label to the user account to identify them as needed (i.e. Donor - John Doe, Non-donor - Jane Doe). The same goes for vendors (i.e. Volunteer - QB John).


As far as workers go, are you tracking any sort of payroll or 1099 contractors?


You can edit account names by going to your Accounting Tab and entering your Chart of Accounts. This is the basic structure/organization for all your accounts in QuickBooks. Find the account you want to rename, click the drop-down expand arrow (Arrow Icon.jpg ) and then "edit."


You can rename your accounts here and may also want to change the "detail type" to non-profit variations of the account. This categorization is more for tracking and reporting purposes - the basic account type (income, expense, etc) should remain the same. Again, if there are special legal requirements for holding these funds, you may want to get in touch with a ProAdvisor.

Non-profit account.PNG



There are tons of apps on the QuickBooks app store that are purpose-designed for non-profit use - Kindful and Method Donor are two popular donation tracking programs. I haven't used either, but users seem to really enjoy them. The app store is a great resource for finding apps that serve specific industry functions and integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. 


There's another conversation going on that was started by @jefekefe around donation letters that has grown into talking about other non-profit specific features in QuickBooks. @Clarise and @AlphieR have given some great recommendations. I encourage you to join that conversation as well.


Hope this helps! 



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