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Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
Level 4

Something changed? Snap Receipt on Android App Automatically Snaps Picture before it's Ready

Obviously there was an update in the past month with the Android App. Not only has my App slowed down considerably and constantly stalling showing the "Close, Wait" Menu, but when I finally get to the Snap Receipt section, taking a receipt picture is HORRID!!  By the time I center my camera, the picture has already snapped.  Then I end up waiting 2 minutes or so just to see either an out of focus picture or a picture I have to crop, etc...  In the prior version, I was able to take my time and get the picture just right.  


After I finally get a picture, the screen freezes, then gives me the "Quickbooks Online isn't responding..." message, I hit wait and then I'm able to manipulate the receipt - PHEW!!!  All this for EFFICIENCY!!  Oh wait - WAIT!!!  I thought I was done!!!  Then I get a message, that the receipt may not have been uploaded correctly and you can see how it is cut off.  SAY WHAT!!  It was a PERFECT PICTURE!!  So now I have to take it all over again and go through al of this nonsense again.  Okay - I'm getting ready for the Manilla Envelopes and paper ledgers... Now I'm getting the Receipt Uploaded message on top of the camera trying to take a picture of the receipt again - CONFUSED???  I sure am as I can't even see what I'm doing.  So, do I use the photo underneath the message of "Receipt Uploaded!" or do I hit Done for the original receipt??  I think I'll try both and see what happens.  Okay. I hit Done and both went away - Geeeeesch....


Now I get it.  It's all about speed and time.  But speeding up a program and giving up quality is just a "WASTE OF TIME"....


Oh - and I uninstalled, waited 3 or 4 days and reinstalled the APP just to be sure is wasn't an issue with the installation.


Please Fix, otherwise this has now just became another wasted utility.


So bottom line - 5:30am to 6:30am - 2 receipts DONE and uploaded and seen in the banking section of QB ONLINE - YEA!!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...  I'm going back to bed!!


Something changed? Snap Receipt on Android App Automatically Snaps Picture before it's Ready

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Budget Friendly Bookkeeping.


This is not what we want you to experience when using the QuickBooks Online mobile app. There are different factors that can affect the performance of the app and you can see this article on how to fix it: Troubleshooting Quick-Start Guide for the QuickBooks Online app.


You might also find this link helpful regarding the snap receipt function of QuickBooks Online: Capture and categorize expense receipts and bills in QuickBooks Online.


If you experience issues of the feature even after doing the troubleshooting steps, I'd recommend reporting it to our Customer Care Team. They can investigate the issue and provide additional troubleshooting steps to get everything working. You can reach them using this link: QuickBooks Online Support.


Keep us posted if you need anything else while using the app. 

Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
Level 4

Something changed? Snap Receipt on Android App Automatically Snaps Picture before it's Ready

Just please tell me there's a way to turn off the Automated Snapping for taking a picture.  That's all I need.  I can figure the rest out.  I really do not need to waste more time on a phone troubleshooting.


Thank you.



I can no longer put up with the amount of wasted time.  After deleting many Android Apps I've had for many years just to see if freeing up memory would help, and bringing my phone down to near factory settings, all but Quickbooks is the only App installed.  After rebooting fresh and trying the receipt capture again, I continue to get non-stop errors as described above.  I can no longer put up with this type of inefficiency so I had no choice but  to go back and pull out my 1998 scanner and install it.  It worked great!  Got PDF's of all my receipts and simply did what I needed to do to get them into QB.


I do hope someone decides to look forward and realize they need to look back to see that the previous version of the App was much better than the newer version.  Well at least on my antique phone (LG Rebel 3).  At least it's not a flip phone, but there's no reason the App should not work.  Please fix!  How do I explain this to my clients?  I cannot charge them for this time and I do not have the luxury of sitting on the phone with your Tech Support!

QuickBooks Team

Something changed? Snap Receipt on Android App Automatically Snaps Picture before it's Ready

Thanks for getting back in here, @Budget Friendly Bookkeeping.


I can see here how it is convenient for you to turn off the automated snapping when taking pictures in the QuickBooks Online app.  


Currently, turning off the automated snapping of pictures is unavailable on the mobile app. Rest assured that I'll take note of your request and suggestions. I know the option will also be useful to other users who are going through the same challenges when capturing receipts.


In the meantime, I encourage you to visit our QuickBooks Blog. This provides information about the new release updates and product enhancement. 


To become more familiar with how receipts work in QBO, check out the following articles:


Please let me know if you have other QuickBooks concerns. I'll make sure to get back to your right away. Take care always.

Matthew Schneider_
Level 1

Something changed? Snap Receipt on Android App Automatically Snaps Picture before it's Ready

I have the same problems. The app has become useless; what a shame.

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