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Sync data with quickbook and report generation

Hi There!

This is Roy, I am currently developing a website
Before I explain my query, Let me explain the business aim of the website

The website is an event organization and ticket booking website. There is a database already imported for different churched across Newyork. So once a user will purchase an event ticket he has to select one church and 10% of his purchase will be sent to that church.
Also, there are different cash flow as well

Let's say an there is an event. Now the cash flow is as following-

Gross Sale- 1000 USD
Church commision (10%)- 100 USD
Net sale (1000-100)- 900 USD
Host (Sales representative 20% of net sale)- 180 USD
Performer (20%)- 180 USD
Net profit(900-360)- 540 USD

I want all the report will be synced with QuickBooks. Also the report of different church commision.

So please assist me with

1. Is there any way I can create sales representative into QuickBooks and I can fetch the information through API.
If there is any method for fetching the information then that will be great.

2. As per the requirement, I need to create multiple custom fields to create. So can it be possible?

I have the plus membership, of QuickBooks online.





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Sync data with quickbook and report generation

Hello, Roy.


I appreciate you coming to the Community for support. I'd like to help point you in the right direction concerning syncing reports with QuickBooks Online.


You may want to check out our developer website. This site allows you to create your own application that you'll then be able to use within QBO. You also have the ability to share the app with other users. I think your creativity will be very helpful. Follow this link to get started:


I wish you success on this new endeavor. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other questions. Take care.


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