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Trying to understand eCommerce data architecture with QBO

So, this is a basic question, but also a complex one.  I am an accountant by education and profession, but recenly have become an ecommerce start-up CEO. 


My question is around master data, and in a multi-platform environment, which application should be the owner, or system of record for master data elements, like ITEM, INVENTORY COUNT, INVENTORY VALUATION, CUSTOMER, SALES, BILLING, RECEIPTS, etc.


We have spent that last 6 months preparing for real business in Q1 2018.  For the first time, I started with applications and platforms that focus on the customer, sales, inventory and fulfillment, and will work on accounting last.  In my universe, the center is the Order Management and Inventory system, which is one provider.  Then, I have sales channels, like various Websites on Shopify and WooCommerce, and marketplaces like eBay, et. al.  Next, I have supplier channels, both traditional vendors, and also drop-ship vendors, where we own no inventory, but manage the sales process, and the drop-shipper fulfills the order and we pay them for the cost of the item and shipping, etc.


Now, enter QB.  As we think of integrating, I know some use QB as their sales platform and inventory, but really, sales and inventory management for me are outside of QB, but probably (need) to synch-up.


Next, we have various payment mechanisms outside of QB, like our own cc processor, and PayPal, but might be inclined to use QB for payment (as well).


I am curious what others have done to define systems of record and how that plays with QB.

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Trying to understand eCommerce data architecture with QBO

Hey @e-John


A very warm welcome to the QuickBooks Community!


There are a few other members who work in e-commerce and can offer some insight. @ALexRuf@Micro4Now@DustinT, any suggestions for our new member?


Feel free to participate in this e-commerce discussion from a few months back and ask there as well! 

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Trying to understand eCommerce data architecture with QBO

Hi all,


Thanks @Anonymous for the intro.


@e-John I'd be happy to chat with you about some of the best practices I have come across. I work with businesses like yours connecting these various channels to get them all communicating properly with QB.

You are right QB can be used as a master source for inventory, and if your needs are not that complex, it may be a fine solution. However, there are some great soltuions that exist in the space that offer more robust inventory management. 

Happy to have a no pressure chat with you about some of these things. Full transperency I work for Webgility. We are a top integrator in the QB marketplace and a pro advisor top pick. We integrate Sales data, inventory, shipping, and more.

Send me over an email and we can find some time:


feel free to give me a call (415) 692 - 8485




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