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Undo Bank Rec

I want to know from the backend or other front end methods to properly undo a Bank Rec. Logging in as Accountant user gives all the features of Accountant but no Undo Bank Rec. QBO says the feature is not available in my region. What a bummer. I don't want to go through the process of removing the R in the register and then coming back to redo a Bank Rec. That leaves messy lines in the Rec history.


I want a cleaner way to remove Bank Recs.


Want ideas out of the box?


Can I for instance change the region of my QBO account?

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Undo Bank Rec

Unfortunately you cannot change your region's QBO without logging in from a different region. The software knows where you are and only gives you the app for there.


Out of the box you might find an app in the intuit app store for your region that gives you ability you need to undo a reconciliation.


Rest assured that if you uncheck every transaction in your last recon it does not leave a ,"messy" register but other than third party options it is your only way. I am guessing your region does not have the Advanced version, but only simple start. Essentials, and Plus

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