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Use Product Bundles to Make Sales Simpler



Do you sell gift baskets, assortments, or any kind of batched product? It can get tiresome having to enter every item in your assortment onto your invoices. Sometimes, you just want to select “Strawberry Ice Cream Cone” on your sales receipt, instead of having to select each item individually.


QuickBooks can help save you time on those invoices through the new Bundle feature. Just click Gear > Products and Services (under Lists)  > New > Bundle set one up. Now you can use the new Bundle in just one click on your invoice. Best of all, your inventory of each item in your bundle stays up-to-date.





You can even use bundles to help you track simple vendor commissions, a real time-saver for businesses that need that function. Stacy Kildal’s here to help you learn how to do it at the QuickBooks Blog.


How can Bundles help your business save time? Let us know below.


Use Product Bundles to Make Sales Simpler

I love using this for items I used to a past life when I was entering sales orders for a music store, we'd often have monthly promotions that included several items, but I would always end up forgetting exactly which items went in which promotions and have to look it up in my product catalog.  With Bundles, that struggle is no more- just set it and forget it!

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Use Product Bundles to Make Sales Simpler

I really like this post!

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