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Value Pricing when you are adding a app to QBO

Hello - I am going to add an app to my client's QBO.  I am not sure that the appt will work for them but I am reasonably sure. 


There is not a question regarding buying the app - they understand the it is subscription from a third party.   The question is my time mapping the app and follow through.  I believe that it is worth $250 for the service. 


My question is - if it turns out that the app does not work as expected, would you refund the $250 fee - if not how would you handle the situation with the client?


Thank you.

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Value Pricing when you are adding a app to QBO

Why would you charge a fee, before the work was completed to the clients expectations?


If it integrates and works, then charge your fee.  I would think that fee would be negotiated before hand too.

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Value Pricing when you are adding a app to QBO

Hi BJB55,


In general, we have a rule at Parkway that we never charge for the time that we spend learning something, unless it is truly unique to an individual client. This really becomes relevant when it comes to researching new applications, especially for long time clients.  If we engage a brand-new client which is demanding an unfamiliar application, we would request a deposit toward workflow design. This should help you avoid most scenarios by allowing you the opportunity to evaluate the application ahead of time.


Here are a couple important tips to help you avoid some of costly mistakes:


  • Before you do anything, create a backup company file with Chronobooks. This will ensure that even if things go horribly wrong with the integration you can back up the company file to the data right before you started the integration process.
  • Always maintain a live company file specifically for testing.  If you have multiple Pro-Advisors within your company, you could use one of your ProAdvisor Accounts as a test company that can always be overwritten.


"If you find a software that does 80% of what you expect it to do, then you found a great program. If it does more, then you probably built it yourself!" 


  • Educate your customer about integrations and make sure they understand that there may be complication outside of your control.
  • Remember that app demonstrations are meant to get you excited! The company will still want your money and your subscription just as much tomorrow as they do today.
  • Patience with a client goes a long way, especially when you are changing the workflow they are use too.
  • An app company that makes improvements based on subscriber feedback, will always end up the best in its category. (Knowify is a great example of this.)

Finally, as a value-based accounting firm, none of our clients ever receive a bill for a specific application, instead we add on a new service package that include both the cost of the application as well as our time expected to maintain the integration itself.  



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Value Pricing when you are adding a app to QBO

Hi @BJB55. By integrating an additional service, this may change your value pricing plan, or it may simply transfer the cost of the 3rd party app to your client. It really depends on how this app is going to change workflows. If it were me, this would be a discussion that would happen with the client prior to integration. Out of curiosity, did you recommend the app, or did they? With new apps seemingly being created daily promoting greater workflow efficiency it is important to remember learning how to use them is a cost of doing business. You may put in more hours in a given month learning how to use the app, but the whole purpose of these 3rd party integrations is to make your client's workflows more efficient and effective; thus saving you time in the long-run. If the apps are not doing this, they are not worth the cost of subscription. Additionally, I would never charge a customer up front for work that I was not 100% certain would add value to our relationship and improve their business. 

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Value Pricing when you are adding a app to QBO



It's a good question, one that applies to any sort of consultation (many others in the community would likely agree). If you are providing knowledge, insight, or helping a client in decision-making, you're inherently adding value. As such, you should get paid something


You could draw up a contract that says something along the lines of "as long as the build meets x,y,z requirements, we will call the project a success" and you get paid the amount you requested. You could stipulate that if these requirements were not met satisfactorily, both parties can revisit the delivery terms or you agree to work a specified duration of time to fix any unforeseen issues (and give a clear limit).


Just be very clear and deliberate about deliverables, focus on the relationship you build with the client, and of course, deliver amazing and you should have no issues. 

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Value Pricing when you are adding a app to QBO



How did the conversation go with your client? 

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