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401k deduction of 100% net check amount - not gross.

We have a part-time employee who wants the balance of her paycheck - net amount after taxes - to be deducted for her 401K, making her check amount -$0-.  I only see the option of her deducting a % of her gross amount.  


How do I enter that so that it deducts properly in QB Full Service Online Payroll?

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401k deduction of 100% net check amount - not gross.

Hi there @jeannettej,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. Let’s get the help you need to properly set up your 401k deduction.


With QBO Full Service Payroll, we take care of everything for you. We’ll make sure your pay types and deductions are accurately set up.


To correct the calculation for your 401k plan, I suggest contacting our full service payroll specialists. They can assist you with entering the item and ensure the amount is deducted after the net pay.


Click on the link to get their contact information:


Don’t hesitate to let me know how the call goes. I’m here if you have additional concerns while working in QBO. Have a great day.

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