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Account No. / Employee ID

Regarding QB Desktop: in the "Additional Info" tab of an Employee record, there is a field called "Account No." (Employee ID). We enter numerical data in this field, and we would like to display employees in this numerical order (in employee lists, payroll, etc.), but QB treats it like a text field when sorting. For example, employee 11 is listed before employee 2, and #36 comes before 7. Is there a way to tell QB to treat this field as a numerical field when sorting? Otherwise, we have to substitute letters for numbers, or use a hierarchical numbering scheme like ...7, 8, 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, etc. 

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Account No. / Employee ID

No, there isn't a way to make QB treat it like a number.


In this case, make sure your employee numbers are entered so the sort will work as text.


For example, instead of:




...which will sort in the order as seen above, enter the ID's like:





Use enough leading zeros so that you won't run out.  So for this case, perhaps:







KJ at Legacy
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Account No. / Employee ID

In each Employee profile there is a side tab for "Additional Info". 


In that section we can assign an "Account No./Employee ID" and a "Billing Rate Level".


We want to run a report in QB Desktop 2019 that will list each employee, their account no./employee ID and the assigned Billing Rate Level.


 Please advise how to do that. 

Thank you

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