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Again AP Summary Report By Job



im Trying to Run Unpaid Again Report Summary By Job i want to see Supplier Balance by Job 

how $ i have open past 60 days and past 30 day but i want to see it by job 


For example

Job 10k  past 60 days 10k past 30 days 


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Again AP Summary Report By Job

Thanks for reaching out to us, @htauber.


Let me help you run your desired report in QuickBooks Desktop.

You can run the report for A/R Aging Summary in QuickBooks Desktop. This report summarizes the status of unpaid invoices and statement charges in accounts receivable and the balances for each job. You can also filter the columns to show overdue balances from previous billing periods.


Here's how:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click Customers & Receivables.
  3. Click the A/R Aging Summary report.
  4. Fill in the box for Interval (days) and Through (days past due) to see the balances based on the transaction date selected.
  5. Click Refresh.

I'll be around here in the Community, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any other concerns.

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Again AP Summary Report By Job

HI Thanks for your Responses 


But i need it in Accounts Payable not Accounts Receivables


Im looking to have A/P  Aging Summary report Filter by a vendor but the columns should be by job  


In order words i should be able to see the balance due from my vendors by Job 


Again AP Summary Report By Job

Hello there, @htauber.


I appreciate you coming back and clarifying things out. Let's get this straightened out.


If you wish to see the balance due of your vendors by job, we can run the Unbilled Costs by Job report. This report lists the costs you assigned to a specific customer and groups the unbilled costs by customer so you can see how much of your unbilled costs applies to each customer.


To do this, you'll have to manually customize the report to show the Aging transaction and jobs. Let me walk you through how:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Select Jobs, Time & Mileage.
  3. Choose Unbilled Costs by Job.
  4. Click Customize Report.
  5. Choose the Filters tab.
  6. Under Filter, select Aging and add your desired interval.
  7. Choose another filter for Billing Status and select Unbilled.
  8. Click OK.

If you wish to have a more specif report than the one mentioned above, I suggest sending your product ideas to our product developers so they'll know this is something your business needs. I'll make sure to do the same thing on my end.


To send feedback, here's how:

  1. Choose the Help menu.
  2. Click Send Feedback Online.
  3. Select Product Suggestion.
  4. Enter your feature request.
  5. Click Send Feedback.

Please get back to me if you have additional questions about this. I'd be happy to answer them for you.

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Again AP Summary Report By Job


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