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Assisted Payroll Feedback Requested

I am contemplating utilizing QB Payroll (Assisted Pro), currently on ADP WFN and hating it.


  1. How do you guys like the assisted payroll function in QuickBooks Desktop? 
  2. How do you like using T-sheets if applicable? Otherwise what do you use for a timeclock?
  3. Are your taxes getting filed on time? 
  4. If applicable, how has your experience with CERTIFIED Payroll been with QuickBooks?
  5. Is the payroll support actually based in the US? Are they friendly/helpful/timely?
  6. Do you print your checks in house or do they mail it to you? 


Any honest feedback is greatly appreciated. 


Background: Small Business with about 34 employees which about 40% of employees use a timeclock, the other 60% are manual timesheets filled out in-house (due to nature of our business).


Thank you


QuickBooks Team

Re: Assisted Payroll Feedback Requested

Hi mrscpa,


We have a dedicated team who can assist you with all your questions about Assisted Payroll. Let me route you to them:

  1. Please open this link:
  2. Choose Assisted.
  3. Select Payroll.
  4. Click on Chat with us.

If you have other questions, you can always go back to this thread.

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Re: Assisted Payroll Feedback Requested

I'm looking for answers from users who have used/currently use Intuit Payroll, not from the sales team. Thank you!

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Re: Assisted Payroll Feedback Requested


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