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Best way for employee time entry (instead of using Timer)

We use QB desktop for Windows.  We are still using Timer for the employee time entry (totally outdated technology, I know), and then import it into QB each week.  I'd like to start using an updated version of this either in an app on each computer or an online program, and have it upload to QB for job time tracking.  Again, we use QB desktop for Windows (just upgraded to 2019), not QB online.  I feel like I'm missing something.....  P.S. we have an outside source process payroll, so we don't have that feature enabled in QB, but still have the "employee time" per the QB program.

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Best way for employee time entry (instead of using Timer)

Good day, @greaterthan7,


I want to make sure you're to complete your time-tracking in QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks Desktop has a built-in Time Tracking feature which allows you to input your employee hours manually. To set up QuickBooks Desktop for time tracking, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in as the company Admin and make sure you're in Single-user Mode.
  2. Click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences window, click Time & Expenses.
  4. Click the Company Preferences tab.
  5. For the Do You Track Time? option, click Yes.
  6. In the First Day of Work Week drop-down list, choose the day on which you start tracking time each week. Note:The day you choose affects all weekly timesheets. For example, if you choose Sunday, your timesheets begin with Sunday.
  7. Click OK.

Once you're all set, you can now enter your employees' time data and hours worked by creating your timesheets. Here's how;

  1. Go to the Employees tab.
  2. Choose Enter Time.
  3. Choose either Use Weekly Timesheet or Time/Enter Single Activity.

You may refer to this article to learn more about entering timesheets: Create timesheets and time data report


Additionally, you can use the TSheets Time Tracking application for your employee's time and schedule. This enables you to track time on the go and sync it in QuickBooks. To learn more about the app, please check out this website:!overview


That should do it, @greaterthan7. Please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance. I'm here to help you out. Have a good day!



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Best way for employee time entry (instead of using Timer)

I have the same request - but with >40 employees I don't want to manually enter their time - I want them to be able to do it AND I want detailed time entries to show on invoicing. Can you provide some suggestions for a solution? I've looked at QBO but the invoices are way to generalized with TSheets.  Does TSheets integrate differently with Enterprise?

QuickBooks Team

Best way for employee time entry (instead of using Timer)

 Thanks for joining this thread, @Y2Consultants.


TSheets integrates well with QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) Enterprise. This lets you enter time tracking and scheduling for hourly employees. To learn more about how TSheets works, feel free to check this link:!overview


To link TSheets in your QBDT software, you’ll want to go to the Apps menu in your QBDT software and sync the app from there. 



However, you can only access the app yourself and enter your employee’s time. I’d recommend looking for other third-party apps that let your employees enter their own time in QBDT. Navigate to the Apps menu and browse for an app from there.


Let me also share with you this article that you can use for future reference in running payroll for your employees: Get started with Payroll.


You can always post a reply in this thread if you have other concerns or questions about time tracking in your QBDT software. I’ll be around to assist you. 

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