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Can I add a payroll check for historical employee pay?

So we starting using QBO without entering employee historical pay. (One paycheck run so far.) We kept getting errors when trying to enter it and no one was able to figure out why. (Spent several hours, multiple days with QB service reps and still no luck.) We have a CPA who handles our taxes/W2's so the only thing it affects is the employee not being able to see their YTD on their check stub.  I'm wondering if a work around to this would be to run a check for each employee with the previous gross YTD and then do a journal entry to re-balance the payroll deduction in the bank account since the money has already been paid out. 

Anyone have experience with this or think that it would work? Looking for someone with actual advice and not just a link to "How to setup payroll".......

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Re: Can I add a payroll check for historical employee pay?

Thank you for providing the details about your historical payroll, @OfficeMgr3325. Let me help share some insights about this.


Yes, you can run a paycheck for each employee with previous gross YTD. Then run a payroll based on each period's taxes calculated by your CPA. There's no need to create a journal entry since this will only show your expenses in taxes and liabilities and thus not affect the paystubs when created.


Also, if you need other payroll references in the future, you can refer to this link for information: Commonly used articles for QuickBooks Online Payroll.


This should guide you in the right direction. Keep me posted if you need other information about your historical paychecks. I'm always here to help.

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