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Can I file my taxes through quickbooks?

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QuickBooks Team

Can I file my taxes through quickbooks?

Hi @buck_edwards,


QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) helps you submit your Quarterly Tax Payments. For annual tax returns, you'll need TurboTax Self-Employed so you can prepare and file them.  


To pay your Federal Estimated Quarterly taxes via mail:


  1. Log in to your QBSE.
  2. Go to the Taxes tab, then choose the specific quarter you need to pay.
  3. Select Pay Now, and fill out your 1040-ES payment voucher, then press Continue.
  4. Print the voucher. it will include mailing instructions to the right IRS office. 
  5. Have your check and voucher in a stamped envelope postmarked by the quarterly tax due date. 
    • Note: If you're paying by mail or through another source, you need to make sure the transaction is recorded as Estimated Taxes on the Transactions page.

Other options you have can be found in this article: Pay Federal Estimated Quarterly Taxes. This includes steps on how you can make the payment online.


As for your annual taxes, you can take a look at this article instead: QuickBooks Self-Employed - Annual taxes guide. It includes a checklist so you can ensure you don't miss any tasks.


Don't hesitate to leave a reply below in case you have other questions. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

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