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Can I track unpaid sick leave in QBO?

Can I track unpaid sick leave in QBO? We currently use Tsheets for our timeclock which pulls hours into QBO. When an employee calls off I would like to start entering that onto their timesheet so it will pull over (like vacation time) into QBO and show up on their check stub/payroll reports. Is there a way to do that with it being UNPAID? 

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Re: Can I track unpaid sick leave in QBO?

Yes, you can, OfficeMgr3325.


If you've set up your employees time off, it will automatically show a balance. The current balance field is the balance for unused accrued vacation/sick of employees.


I've added screenshot for your guide:


To learn more about the detailed steps and information, you can check this article: Set up time off policy in Online Payroll.


Let me know if you have follow up questions, I'm just here to help.

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