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Can't access tax reports or export data

I recently added a new 401K deduction for my employees, and now I can't export data or review tax reports.

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Can't access tax reports or export data

Let me help you fix this, @1935 1458 0065 109.


The cache data may have affected the browsing performance like many processes or new tabs are running in the browser. That's why you're unable to export data after you added a new 401k deduction for your employees in QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP).


In this case, I suggest running QBO on a private or incognito browser to isolate this issue. This mode is free from cache data which helps the system use functionality at full capacity.


Here are the keyboard shortcuts:


Press Ctrl Shift + in Chrome and if you're using Firefox, press Ctrl Shift P.


You can now try to access the tax reports like the Payroll Deductions and Contributions and Payroll Tax Liability report and the export data. If it works, I recommend clearing the browser's cache. This will boost the browser's performance and enhance your QuickBooks experience.


Alternatively, you can run QBO in other supported browsers, take a look at this article for more details: System requirements for QuickBooks Online, Accountant, and Payroll.


Please update me on how it goes about accessing your tax reports and exporting them or other data. In that manner, I can provide you with more help. Take care and have a great weekend!

1935 1458 0065 109
Level 1

Can't access tax reports or export data

Hi, and thanks so much for your attempt to help. I ran QBO payroll in incognito mode as you suggested and it didn't make any difference. What I realize now is that the payroll that I thought I rand for 2/15 (with the new 401K deductions) never ran, and I've got to find a solution soon or my employees won't be paid on time. So I'm in a bit of a panic and QB no longer has support on the weekend. Do you have any other ideas for me?


Can't access tax reports or export data

Hello, 1935 1458 0065 109.


Thanks for keeping us in the loop regarding the report and export issue. Let's take care of the payroll issue first so your employees will get paid timely. 


If you signed up for the Same-Day deposit, your employees can still get paid on the 15th. If you have this service, you can payroll on Monday tomorrow by 5 PM PT. Your employees will receive their pay on Tuesday. 


To check your deposit speed, you'll want to go to your Payroll settings page:


  1. Click the Gear icon. 
  2. Select Payroll settings
  3. Go to the Direct deposit section and check your funding time. 


Simply run your payroll normally and process funds. 


I'm linking an article and a blog page in case you need more details about the Same-Day deposit feature:



Though if you have the regular direct deposit speed, you'll want to issue paper checks in the meantime. To change the method: 


  1. Go to your Employees list, then select an employee. 
  2. Under an employee's profile, scroll down and open the Payment method section. 
  3. Select Paper check from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Save


Run payroll as you normally would then issue the paper checks to your employees. Alternatively, you can also change the method on the Run payroll screen.


Regarding your payroll tax report and data export issues, you'll want to contact our support as soon as they're available. You can check their contact details and steps on how to reach them from this article: Contact Payroll Support.


Aside from the tax reports, are you able to run other payroll reports? If you need to verify and check your data after running payroll, you can run one of them to check your data.


This article will help you familiarize what reports you can run in the program: Run payroll reports.


You can visit this thread again if you have other concerns with your payroll service. Do you have any other tasks you need help with? Let me know and I'll gladly offer a helping hand. 

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