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Can we direct deposit to 3 seperate banking institutions?

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QuickBooks Team

Can we direct deposit to 3 seperate banking institutions?

Hey there, @wackpropmain


It's my pleasure to answer your first post here in the Community. At the moment, the option to pay more than two accounts using direct deposit payroll is unavailable.


You can only choose to deposit into two accounts, either in amount or percentage of which the remainder will go to the second account. 


Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Workers menu, then click the Employees tab.
  2. Click the employee name in the employee list.
  3. Select the Edit employee button.
  4. In the How do you want to pay [Employee Name] section, choose Direct deposit to two accounts.
  5. Enter the Amount per pay period for the first account field. It will let you enter the portion you want to deposit on the first account. Then, the remaining amount automatically goes to the second account.


For future reference, read through this article: How do federal holidays affect my direct deposit?.


Feel free to come back if you have follow-up questions, @wackpropmain. I'd be here to help you with your direct deposit concerns. 

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