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Child Support Withholding

I have an employee I have to withholding orders from 2 states.  He currently lives in one of those states.  I went in to add another deduction and it has a “Weighting” option.  It gives me the option to put  the county/state he currently lives in first, the county from the second state first, pay both equally or pay pro-rated amounts for each garnishment.  Which option do I choose?  If I choose to pay both equally, will that deduct the requested amount for each order?  


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QuickBooks Team

Child Support Withholding

Hello there, @ ef1975.
You can ask a copy of the court document that your employee received for his child support garnishment. Since your employee received two garnishment orders,  you have to specify priority which needs you to contact the garnishing agencies to determine priorities. 
Also, you can check this article for additional information about setting up your employee’s garnishment: Compliance with wage garnishment orders.
I can see this article to be handy whenever you need to archive old forms.
Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have other concerns with garnishments. I’d be glad to help. Take care.

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