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Correct 401k employee contribution

Rehired a prior employee (for a short assignment) that previously had 401K contributions coming out of his check through Oregon Saves.  When I went to send the payment into Oregon Saves I saw that he has now opted out of those withholdings.  So how do I refund his money to him and clear the liability from Quickbooks?

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Correct 401k employee contribution

If you'll pay him again, add the money to the paycheck using the 401k item (backwards), or if that is not allowed, set up an addition item and code it to the 401k tax tracking type.


If not, then enter an employee-based liability adjustment for the 401k amount.  On the adjustment Click the Accounts Affected button and pick Do not affect accounts.  This will impact payroll reporting but not your accounting.


Then write him a standard check using the same liability account the 401k item uses to back out the accounting.

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