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create paycheck button not working

I am trying to run a scheduled payroll and at step 2 review & create paychecks, i am unable to proceed any further. i click on the "create paychecks" blue button and the "circle" spins for a second and then goes back to an arrow and nothing happens. any suggestions?

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create paycheck button not working

Thanks for sharing the details, @scag8484.


To fix this, I suggest getting the latest updates in your payroll tax table so that QuickBooks can create the paycheck and calculate the taxes.


Let me show you how:

  1. Go to the Employees menu
  2. Select Get Payroll Updates.
  3. Select the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  4. Select Download Latest Update. A window appears when the download is complete.

You can also update your payroll tax automatically to save more time and increase productivity.


In addition, you can check this article to learn more about the most current and accurate rates and calculations: Latest payroll news and updates.


Just in case your employee's doesn't appear on the scheduled payroll, you can refer to this article: Employee is missing from scheduled payroll.


Please let me know if you've further questions. I'll keep my notifications open. Stay safe and healthy.

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create paycheck button not working

still not working after i updated 


create paycheck button not working

I have another troubleshooting steps that may help resolve this issue, Martin29.


Let's run the Verify and Rebuild tool to identify and fix any possible data damaged. To start with, go to the File menu. Select Utilities, and then Verify Data.


If the system detects no problem, no further action is needed. Try creating a paycheck again. If you'll be prompted with an error message, you can copy and paste it in the Help Articles to fix the error. 


However, if it says Your data has lost integrity, you'll have to rebuild your QuickBooks file. You can check this article for the steps to rebuild: Rebuild Data.


Afterward, let's close and open your QuickBooks file to ensure that it was fully rebuilt. Then, let's try creating a check again.


If the paycheck button is still unresponsive, I'd suggest reaching out to our Payroll Support team. An agent can verify and investigate your file further.


You can check this article for more information when creating a paycheck: How do I create a paycheck for an employee?


You always have me if you still need help. Stay safe!

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create paycheck button not working

I have taken all of the steps suggested by everyone and I still cannot Create Paychecks.  Payroll is up to date, data integrity and rebuild has been done, etc.


Someone new took over payroll for this business and when I went in to look at the details for each employee, I noticed that, under earnings, there were many entries without a payroll item assigned, and a zero rate and zero hours.  This is in addition to the normal hourly, overtime, etc. entries.  The hours are entered manually.


I am wondering if this is affecting the creation of the payroll.  When I clicked on save and close for each employee, I got a message saying payroll item required.  In order to leave that screen I had to hit cancel.  Never had any of this happen before.


Is there any way to eliminate those excess "zero" entries for rate and hours?


create paycheck button not working

Thanks for joining this conversation, @RicR.


The cause of this error is due to a blank/corrupt line item on a paycheck QuickBooks cannot encrypt when sending to the payroll service, leaving QuickBooks unable to send payroll data.


 As much I would like to help you with this, this requires pulling up your account, which I am unable to do it here in the Community without asking for your account details. I don't want them to be displayed here for security purposes.


That said, I highly suggest contacting our Payroll Support team. They have tools that can pull up your account in a secure environment fix this for you.


Here's how to reach them:


  1. In QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), go to the Help menu at the top to get to the QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter your concern, then click Continue.
  4. Choose a way to connect with us.


To learn more about entering paychecks in QBDT, check out this article: How do I create a paycheck for an employee?


Please know that I'm only a post away if you have any other questions. I'll be more than willing to help. Have a wonderful day!

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