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Different color fonts meanings?

In the Pay Employees window, what are the different color fonts supposed to represent?  I generally just ignore them but recently there were only 3 people in a different color.  When I printed the checks, I found that QB had pulled their hours from 2 weeks prior and their additions/deductions from 1 week prior!


This week, I have many workers with either their regular hours, overtime hours or both in blue and I don't know why.


Different color fonts meanings?

I can share some information about the blue hours in the Pay Employees window, CCNCem.

Usually, the hours will become blue if similar payroll items are listed twice in the employee's profile. When this happens, you'll be unable to enter the hours in the Hourly or Salary payroll items column causing inaccurate payroll data.


To fix this, you can click open the Preview Paycheck window and manually edit the hours. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Employees menu, then choose Pay Employees.
  2. Select the appropriate schedule in the Create Paychecks section, then click Start schedule Payroll.
  3. Double-check the pay period end date, check date, and bank account the money is drawn from.
  4. Click the name of the employee that has blue hours to launch the Preview Paycheck window.
  5. Enter the correct number of hours in the Hours column.
  6. Select Save & Next to go to the next employee, or select Save & Close to go back to the Enter Payroll Information window.
  7. When the checks are ready to be created, select Continue, then review the Check/Direct Deposit printing options.
  8. Verify the amounts for each employee, then click Create Paychecks.
  9. Print the paychecks or pay stubs.

I also recommend reading this article to learn how to fix when the time format changes when clicking a different field: Entering time in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll changes to decimal or minutes format.


Let me know if you need anything else. The Community always has your back.

Level 3

Different color fonts meanings?

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Different color fonts meanings?

Hi there @CCNCem, I'd love to look into this further with you and get to the bottom of what you're seeing. 

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of where the blue text occurs in the Pay Employees window and how it differs from the other employees? 

Typically, blue text represents a link that you can click to preview or edit pay information. But, seeing that screenshot will help me better identify what exactly is going on. Thanks in advance! 

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