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direct deposit and payroll liabilities

I noticed after running payroll and paying payroll liabilities on line that one of the direct deposit paychecks was incorrect.  I was able to void that paycheck on time and create another paycheck, but I know the payroll liabilities I paid is over what it should be with this new check.  I pay semi monthly.  I have not yet run payroll for the 2nd half of the month, will payroll liabilities adjust to account for the overpayment in the 1st payroll of the month or what do I need to do?  Do I need to inform the IRS and California EDD of the incorrect payment?  Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: direct deposit and payroll liabilities

Nope.  Quickbooks knows that you overpaid, and will pay the next tax payment "short" to compensate.  The 941 will still work fine. 

Mark Wagner, CPA