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Direct Deposit for Payroll and HSA

New Quickbook Enterprise Gold user here. Ben using Sage50. Trying to get Quickbooks setup before going live with it in January.


We currently use direct deposit for Payroll and company HSA. We do not run HSA through payroll. Which I am changing in Quickbooks. My issue our current system allows unlimited accounts and we have employees that split payroll between 2 or 3 accounts and then all employees have a separate HSA account to deposit their HSA contribution into. Since Quickbooks only allows 2 accounts I can't figure out how to setup Payroll and HSA for direct deposit? Anyone else doing this or may have a solution?

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QuickBooks Team

Direct Deposit for Payroll and HSA

Hi there, @Charles_Rader.

Welcome to the Community. I’m here to share a few details about setting up Payroll Direct Deposit and HSA in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


With QBDT Payroll, you can only set up 2 accounts for each employee for direct deposit payroll and HSA. You may want to check out some 3rd party apps that will allow you to select 3 or more accounts. 


All of these apps are available on the QuickBooks Desktop Apps website. Visit this link to find the perfect application that will meet your business needs:


Since you’re already getting started, let me share with you a link to some video tutorials that will help you navigate QuickBooks Desktop. 

That’s it. Please let me know if you need anything else, I’ll be here to keep helping. Take Care and have a great day! 

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