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Direct deposit needs to be finalized by what time?

Direct deposit payroll deadline. It used to be 5:00 pm Pacific time. I just wanted to verify.
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QuickBooks Team

Direct deposit needs to be finalized by what time?

Thanks for posting here, @david180.


Let me share some info about Direct Deposit in Quickbooks Online Payroll.


When you pay employees using a direct deposit, make sure to submit it before 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time two federal banking days before your paycheck date to guarantee and process it on time. It also requires a US bank account to set up for ACH transactions. Here's your reference on when direct deposit information is sent to Intuit: Direct deposit processing timeline.


Please know that federal holidays can also affect direct deposit processing & banking holiday timelines.


For your reference in paying your employees via direct deposit, you can review this article: Set up employees for direct deposit. From there, it covers FAQs like what type of bank accounts you can send a direct deposit to and create a direct deposit in advance.


Feel free to share if you have additional questions with QuickBooks. I'll answer them for you as fast as I can. Stay safe and more with your business!

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