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Direct Deposit receipt in an unsecured email

After sending direct deposit payroll information to QB by signing in with a PIN, the confirmation email is sent back to the email of the payroll administrator with confidential information on it (the names of employees and the gross amount of the payroll involved). The email is not secured and most companies need to retain emails for compliance purposes, so the email can be accessible by others. In any case, this is payroll information that is best kept confidential.


I have now wasted my time (and Intuit's) by 'chatting' with people, twice--the second time a completely unnecessary repeat of the first because she wouldn't read the prior exchange--to learn that "this is the way QB has always done it" and there is no way to escalate the concern to another level. The only solution I have is to change the email, which doesn't secure any of the confidential information being sent. There is no deleting the email in the field, nor is there an option to stop the email or to secure the information by keeping it available online. The frustration level I have with QB's refusal to allow me to know how to escalate this is boiling over. The "feedback" function doesn't have a dropdown relating directly to this either.


I need to know how to make QB aware of this problem and that if they expect me to upgrade to a new version to continue to process payroll, they'd better have some sort of accommodation in place for those of us who are trying to stay compliant with privacy and security laws.

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QuickBooks Team

Direct Deposit receipt in an unsecured email

I know how your privacy and security means so much to you, Skyinvest. Allow me to provide information about this. 


Normally, those people who receive an email confirmation for your direct deposit are not only payroll administrators in function. Rather, they are the Master Administrator who helped you with your payroll setup and that includes the direct deposit feature. 


If you want privacy in terms of your payroll information, you can send feedback within your QuickBooks account. You'll be able to see the options on the left part once you select the Send Feedback Online.  I've attached a screenshot for your visual guide.

You can either select the Product Suggestion or Help System Suggestion.


However, if you wish to report a suspicious email, website, suspected fraud, or a general security problem with an Intuit product or with your Intuit account, please reference the main security issue reporting page or reach out directly to our security team at


You might want to check these articles to give you more information about payroll: Getting Started With Payroll.


Feel free to let us know if you need help with your payroll. We are always right here to get back if you need further assitance.

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