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Does the fee I paid for all of 2019 include tax preparation.

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QuickBooks Team

Does the fee I paid for all of 2019 include tax preparation.

The QuickBooks Self-Employed and TurboTax Tax bundle lets you save on the tax preparation cost, Mabauer08. 


If you're subscribed to the bundle, your subscription fee includes the tax preparation already. 


Although, you can upgrade if you're using the QuickBooks Self-Employed standalone. I'll share the reference about QuickBooks Self-Employed + TurboTax Bundle and how to upgrade for more information. 


If you don't want to upgrade, you can manually prepare your taxes. I'll help you. 


You'll have to pull up the Profit and Loss report, then the tax summary and details. This will help you with tax preparation.


First, here's how to pull up the Profit and Loss report:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. In the Profit and loss row, click View.

Then, here's how to pull up the Tax summary andTax details:

  1. Click Taxes.
  2. Click the Email tax details drop-down arrow, then select either Download tax details or Download tax summary

If you have TurboTax Self-Employed plus QuickBooks Self-Employed, though, the tax filing fee is not included. 


You can get in touch with our support to verify what subscription you have. Here's how:

  1. Click Assistant inside QuickBooks Self-Employed.
  2. Enter "talk to a human" in the description field twice
  3. Click I still need a human.
  4. Select either Message an agent or Get a callback.

Let me add the article about the QuickBooks Self-Employed - Annual taxes guide for future help. 


If you have more questions, you can tag me. I'll reply to this thread as soon as I can. 

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