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File duplicate W2 to SSA

I made a mistake. I have previously filed W2 to SSA through Quickbooks. Quickbooks showed I would received message when accepet. I have not received any email. So I used TaxBandits to file W2. Then TaxBandits informed me that it's a duplicate submission and let me contact SSA. But SSA is too busy, the calling hold time is too long.


Will duplicate submission affect my employees's income in goverment syestem? Should I file W2-c to SSA? 

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QuickBooks Team

File duplicate W2 to SSA

Hello, @mrchen320. I'll make sure you get the resolution for your concern.

You can contact again the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify if you still need to submit W2-C. Once they'll confirm that you'll need to create and file W2-C.

You can check out this article to learn what to do if you or your employee finds a mistake on their W-2: Fix an incorrect W-2.

I'm also adding this article where you can find articles about managing your payroll forms: Process, manage, and e-file quarterly and annual payroll forms.

If you require any additional assistance with printing payroll forms, please let me know. I'm available at any time to assist you. Have a successful company!

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File duplicate W2 to SSA

Thanks you GebelAlainaM!

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