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Fix Workers Compensation tax due

QBO is displaying small amounts of WA workers comp tax due that we do not owe. I've always made the payments through the WA L&I website using the rate they assigned, and have made sure that rate is reflected in Payroll Settings in QBO. The attached screenshot shows the discrepancies. How do I resolve these so they go away permanently?

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Fix Workers Compensation tax due

Great to see you here today, cberkom,


Let me help you correct your tax payments in QuickBooks Online.


There are a few steps we can do to get past the penny differences for the WA Workers Compensation tax. Let me guide you on how to do that;


To record an overpayment:

  1. Click the Taxes menu.
  2. Choose Payroll Tax, then click on the Pay Taxes button.
  3. Review the list of WA Workers Compensation payments on the Pay Taxes page.
  4. Click the overpayment and choose Resolve Overpayment.
  5. Choose what you want to do with the overpayment. Depending on your state, you can get a refund or apply the overpayment to the next tax period.
  6. Click Mark as resolved.

You may check out this article to know more about resolving tax overpayments or underpayments:

To settle a penny discrepancy:

  1. Click on the Taxes menu.
  2. Go to the Payroll Tax tab.
  3. Select Enter prior tax history.
  4. Click on Add payment.
  5. Fill out the Create Prior Tax Payment information based on the payment you submitted to the website.
  6. Click OK.

That should circumvent the discrepancy on your Pay Taxes window.


Please let me know if there's anything you need help about QuickBooks payroll. I'm here to lend you a helping hand anytime. Have a great day!

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Fix Workers Compensation tax due

Hi Jen,


Thanks, but it does not give me the option to Resolve the Overpayment, only to Record a Payment. 


I don't want to record a payment I did not make and we do not owe. The main discrepancy is the latest payment where QBO is calculating a tax liability $0.36 larger than we owe. (The tax rate stored in QBO is correct.)


I know we have paid the right amount each month, and do not have a credit or liability with the state. 

QuickBooks Team

Fix Workers Compensation tax due

I would call Payroll Support, cberkom.


This way, we can create an adjustment for you and fix the discrepancy. Please use this link to speak with one of our phone agents:

Just choose Intuit Online Payroll to get the number. 

Let us know if you need more help. We're here to help.

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Fix Workers Compensation tax due

Same issue here with me as well.  I would think that quickbooks would know what states make you go thru their website for reporting and payments

QuickBooks Team

Fix Workers Compensation tax due

Hello there, @stalzer.


Thank you for joining the thread. I'm here to help share additional information about fixing workers compensation tax due in QuickBooks.


If you've experienced the same issue after trying the troubleshooting steps given above, I suggest getting in touch with our Payroll Support Team to check and fix the discrepancy further.


For the support's contact confirmation, you may refer to the steps provided by my colleague ShiellaGraceA.




  1. Go to:
  2. Click on select the product you are using under Contact Us.
  3. Select your product.


Keep me posted if you have any other payroll concerns, I'm always here to help. Have a good day!

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