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How do I issue a 1099 online when I have a physical w9

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How do I issue a 1099 online when I have a physical w9

Hello audrey_sutton,


As a contractor, you're unable to generate your own 1099. Your clients will be the one to give you this form. 


Since you have a copy of your W9, I'd recommend giving this to your client. They'll file the 1099 form on your behalf. Once they're done, they'll give you a copy of the filed 1099 form.


Note that your clients can send you an invitation to access your 1099 forms online. This is only possible if they filed the form inside QuickBooks Online. Otherwise, you'll only receive a hard copy or they'll email it to your personal email address.

Reminder: QuickBooks Online currently doesn't support late filing of tax forms.


If you have additional queries, I'd recommend providing more details about it. We'll be right here to help you more.


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