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How do I re print w2 for an employee?

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How do I re print w2 for an employee?

Hi blackstoneventur,


You can go to the Archived Forms page and print a copy of the Form W-2 in QuickBooks Online (QBO). I'll guide you how.


  1. Go to the Taxes menu and select the Payroll Tax tab.
  2. Under Annual Forms, click on View and Print Archived Forms.
  3. Select W-2, Copies B, C & 2 from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the year of the form you want to print.
  5. Click on View and print the tax form. 

The available liability periods only go back for about a year or two.


If you need to print a Form W-3, please see the W-3 Printing article for further guidance.


We're always around if you need anything moving forward. Have a great day.

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