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How do you change a rule?

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QuickBooks Team

How do you change a rule?

I'll can help you with this, larrydobbsmai.


We can always adjust your rules ones we don't need them anymore. Before diving into the process, We'll have to take note that changing a bank rule won't affect any of your past transactions. You can follow the simple steps that I've listed below:

If you're working on web browser:


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Rules
  3. Choose the appropriate rule, then select Edit.
  4. Make the necessary changes.
  5. Click Save when you're done.

If you're using an iPhone or iPad:


  1. Tap your Profile icon, then select Settings.
  2. Tap Manage Rules.
  3. Select the rule you want to edit.
  4. Make the necessary changes.
  5. Hit Confirm when you're done.

If you're using an Android device:


  1. Tap the ≡ menu, then select Settings.
  2. Tap Manage Transaction Rules.
  3. Make the necessary changes.
  4. Click Save when you're done.

I've also added an article that will guide you in assigning and categorizing your downloaded banking transactions.


Should you need more help in managing your bank transactions in QuickBooks, you can always find me here. I'm just one post away.

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