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How do you set up "before tax" deductions for Aflac? I know how to do the after tax -

Some of Aflac payments are "before taxes" have been taken out. Does anyone know how to set this up in payroll? It would be different from a regular deduction
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QuickBooks Team

How do you set up "before tax" deductions for Aflac? I know how to do the after tax -

Hi there, @wccare3011.


Setting up before tax for Aflac deduction in QuickBooks Online Payroll is just a few clicks. I'm happy to guide you with the whole process.  


Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Workers tab, then choose Employees
  2. Pick the employee's name, then click on the Edit icon for Pay
  3. Tap +Add a new deduction under Does (employee name) have any deductions?



       4. On the Deduction/ contribution type drop-down, choose Health Insurance

       5. Enter Aflac in the provider name box. 

       6. Type the amount to be deducted every pay period and Anual Maximum for both Employee deductions and Company-paid contribution section. 

       7. Choose a Pre-tax insurance premium



        8. Tap OK


For more details about the process, check out this article below: Add or edit a deduction or contribution


After that, the employee pre-tax contributions and company contributions are reported in Box 12, though excluded from federal wages and most state wages. You may refer to this article: W2 form boxes explained.


I've also added articles about running different payroll reports, promoted pay types in QBO, and other related topics. 



Let me know if you have follow-up questions by clicking the Reply button below. I'm glad to answer. Keep safe!

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