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I forgot how to enter the hours for my workers to pay them.

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QuickBooks Team

I forgot how to enter the hours for my workers to pay them.

Hello, pattyk123.


How are you doing today? I'm here to give you a refresher on how you can enter the hours for your workers to pay them. 


You'll want to process paychecks from the Employees page to enter the hours. Here's a step-by-step guide: 


  1. Hover your mouse over the Workers menu. 
  2. Select Employees
  3. Click the Run payroll button. 
  4. Select a pay schedule, then click Continue





A list of employees will appear on the next page. Simply enter the total hours worked under the Regular Pay Hours column. You can also enter overtime hours, vacation pay, etc (provided that you've already set up the payroll items). 



When you're done, click on the Preview payroll button at the bottom left side. QuickBooks will show a detailed view of your employees' earnings and deductions. After reviewing, simply click on Submit payroll


You can also check our Payroll and workers articles page to help you with other payroll tasks. We also compiled a bunch of helpful payroll-related links here


Don't forget to visit us again if you have other questions aside from running payroll. We're here to show you how you can do a specific task in QuickBooks. 

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