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I need to change a paycheck after it has processed. Is there a way?

Employee paycheck has processed but needs to be changed. How can I change it?
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QuickBooks Team

I need to change a paycheck after it has processed. Is there a way?

I'm here to help change your payroll after it has been processed, storlie.


You can delete or void an approved manual paycheck from your most recent payroll. The process depends on whether or not you have already delivered the paycheck to the employee.


Let me show you how:


  1. Go to Payroll from the left navigation menu,  then select Employees.
  2. Under Run Payroll, select Paycheck list.
  3. Select the check(s) you'd like to delete.
  4. Delete or void the paycheck.
  5. Select the I understand that this action cannot be undone checkbox.
  6. Click Delete Paycheck or Void Paycheck to confirm the action.

For a Direct Deposit (DD) paycheck, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Payroll Team. They have the tool to void the payroll so you can manually create a new one.


I've added these handy articles to help manage your payroll:

Stay in touch with me if you need additional information about those steps provided above. I'll be around to help you anytime.

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