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Intuit Back End Team Failures

We've been having unrelenting issues since the Call Center was closed down in making corrections and having the Back End team not only making corrections incorrectly but also compounding the issues, which is costing us hours of un-billable hours in chats (HOURS per day on chats that could've been handled within 30 minutes if it was a phone conversation), days of time, and very angry clients that issues are not only being resolved, but compounded. No accountability, can't speak with supervisor/manager, no email for customer service, and never ending failures by the back end team to respond. I'm sorry, but the arrangements made during this pandemic need to be vastly improved or not only are firm clients being lost, but firms themselves because we can't afford to stay in business at the rate this is happening.

QuickBooks Team

Intuit Back End Team Failures

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @CALAD.


I appreciate the time and effort you've spent with one of our chat support agents. Please know that we aim to make our customers feel valued and to provide quality service. I'll share your feedback with our supervisors so we can take action to improve the support.


Please also know that you can always post here in the Community whenever you have issues while using Intuit Online Payroll.


Any additional information regarding your concern will be much appreciated. That way, I can provide an accurate resolution.


You can also use this link where you can find articles that cover common questions in QuickBooks. Helpful Articles.


Fill me in if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help.

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Intuit Back End Team Failures

Thank you - although I was promised that someone from back end and/or manager would be calling me today to fix a major issue, I'm still waiting to hear back after another 3 1/2 hour chat this morning. I know that those of you that help are sort of "stuck" in the middle between back end and the customer, but this is getting rather ridiculous. If someone can just pick up a phone and call so we can communicate more effectively an issue that has gotten progressively worse, many things could be solved quickly and more effectively. Any help is most certainly appreciated.

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