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IRS 941/944 Make Payment Myself?

Need to file IRS Form 941/944. However the company cannot make payment today, but need to file the form anyways. When I go to the Payroll Tax area and select 941/944 for the particular month, I can either select "Pay Electronically" or "Make Payment Myself". Will selecting "Make Payment Myself" e-file the form? Or do I need to file the form manually somewhere else? Thanks.

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IRS 941/944 Make Payment Myself?

Good morning @sdsumaraga:


When you click "make payment myself" it will create the payment in QBO.  The you go to and make the payment.  You will be asked to declare your breakdown in there too.  But to e-file the form, you can refer to this website.  Or you can fill out a paper one and mail it.


I hope that helps!  If not, feel free to ask more questions.



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