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Lost information from PaycheckRecords migration



So I worked at a company for about one-and-a-half years in a contract-to-hire type situation. My employer, for the first three months, paid me as a contractor, and set me up with a PaycheckRecords account. For this account I used, say, this username: johnsdoe, and say, this e-mail: johnsdoe AT When I was later hired as full-time, my employer set up yet another PaycheckRecords account using the same e-mail (johnsdoe AT, only I this time, I had to choose a new username, say: johndoe.


While using PaycheckRecords, if I logged in with johndoe, I would see all my paychecks starting when I was hired full-time, up until the present. If I logged in with johnsdoe, I would see all my paychecks during the time I was a contractor. The catch is that johnsdoe AT, i.e. the same e-mail, was associated with both accounts.


Upon migrating QuickBooks Workforce, both my usernames, johnsdoe and johndoe, no longer seem to work, instead I must log in with my e-mail, johnsdoe AT I only see the paychecks associated with my full-time employment, but no longer see the paychecks associated with my time as a contractor. I do see my W-2 information, which I think is related to my time as a contractor, but I do not see the individual paychecks.


I obviously can no longer log into So I guess my question is, was my data overwritten when the two distinct "pseudo"-accounts were merged together? And if not, how can the data from one account be safely merged into the other account, so that I can see all my paychecks using the one e-mail.


Thank you for any insight anyone may have.





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Lost information from PaycheckRecords migration

Hi James, thanks for the detailed info.


I'd suggest reaching out to QuickBooks Workforce support to help you further with this. This is to ensure that you'll be getting the right info and resolution on how to get this fix as soon as possible. 


The Community is always here if you need more help.

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Lost information from PaycheckRecords migration

Hi SarahannC,


I am unable to locate a phone # or e-mail for QuickBooks Workforce Support, and if I click on Support on the various QuickBooks pages and sub-pages I seem to get redirected back to this Support forum, hence why I posted here.


For example if I click Support in the bottom-right here:, I am redirected to this forum.


Also if I click the question mark in the top-right of the portal itself:, I also get redirected to this forum.


Please direct me to the dedicated QuickBooks Workforce Support channel, if one exists.






Lost information from PaycheckRecords migration

Glad you're back, @jameshyen,


Have you tried contacting them in private browsing? Incognito mode prevents cookies from being stored on your computer, making it a great place to identify browser issues.


Use these keyboard shortcuts depending on the browser you're using:


Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N  
Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P
Internet Explorer: press Ctrl Shift P
Safari: press Command Shift N


Open our support site by clicking this link:


Our Chat Support can help integrate your Workforce logins to view all your paychecks in the website. They are available from Mondays through Fridays, at 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT.


If it fixes the problem, clear the browser's cache to remove the history or log of sites and resolve common issues in the web pages.


I want to make sure you're taken care of, let me know how the interaction goes. I'll be here if you need further help and glad to provide additional guidance. Have a wonderful day!



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