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Multi-level wage garnishment for one employee


I have 1 employee with a State Tax wage garnishment order. The order states that garnishment of 25% if wages are less than $290; over $290, employee gets paid $217.50, the remainder gets garnished. I've no trouble setting up the 25%, but don't understand how to create a "trigger" for wages over $290, so that I only pay employee $217.50. Ideas?

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QuickBooks Team

Multi-level wage garnishment for one employee

Thanks for posting here, jenny5cats.


When you set up the garnishment, you only have the option to add the Default Rate and Limit. While we're unable to prompt QuickBooks to garnish the remainder, you'll want to manually edit the amount when you run the employee's payroll. 


I've got this article for more details: Set up a payroll garnishment item. You can also check other guides and articles, by browsing a topic in our general support page.


Please feel free to leave a reply if you have any follow-up questions or other concerns for QuickBooks. I'm here to answer them and help you some more. Take care and stay safe. 

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Multi-level wage garnishment for one employee

Ok, I was afraid that was the case, haha. Thank you for the reply!!


Multi-level wage garnishment for one employee

It's good to have you back, jenny5cats.


You're very much welcome. Please know that the Community is always here to help you out.


Looking forward to answering more questions from you soon. Keep safe!

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