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no 941 payroll tax liability showing under "Pay Liabilities" during payroll tax holiday? How do I pay p/r taxes if I want to?

Hi - I just ran a payroll with a paydate of 9/11/20.  I went to pay the payroll taxes, & no 941 liability is showing on the "Pay Liabilities" tab.  I'm aware of the payroll tax holiday, but what if I want to pay the 941 taxes anyway?  Is there a way in quickbooks to do that electronically?  I usually submit my payroll taxes electronically through quickbooks.

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Kristine Mae
QuickBooks Team

no 941 payroll tax liability showing under "Pay Liabilities" during payroll tax holiday? How do I pay p/r taxes if I want to?

Let me help you sort this out, Acctg22.


Aside from the tax holiday, there are a few reasons why no taxes are showing under the Pay Liabilities tab. Let's go over them one by one.


First, there are no taxes to be paid. We'll pull up the Payroll Liability Balances report and check if there's a tax balance. Here's how:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Go to Employees & Payroll.
  3. Select Payroll Liability Balances.

If the amount is $0, then it means there are no taxes due or to be paid for that specific period.


Although, if you can see a negative amount, that will point to the second reason. A negative amount means overpayment. It's another reason why you're unable to see any taxes that need to be paid. 


The last reason is the mapping of taxes. Let's ensure that we use the liability account. Here's how we can check:

  1. Click Lists.
  2. Go to Payroll Item List.
  3. Choose the item involved, right-click, then select Edit Payroll Item.
  4. Click Next until you're in the Liability agency window.
  5. Ensure the Liability account (employee and company paid) is set up to the payroll liability account. 

If there should be no amount, then you won't be paying anything.


Concerning the electronic payments, you can do it in QuickBooks. You can pay 941 electronically. Let me guide you how:

  1. Click Employees, then go to Payroll Center.
  2. Go to the Pay Liabilities tab.
  3. Under Other Activities, click Change Payment Method.
  4. In the QuickBooks Payroll Setup window, select Tax Payments, then click Continue.
  5. Select Federal 941/944/943, then click Edit.
  6. In the Payment (deposit) method section, select E-pay, then click Continue.
  7. Select the bank account, then click Finish Later

You can refer to this article about e-file state forms & e-pay state taxes separately for more information.


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