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NSURLErrorDomain error 100

NSURLErrorDomain error 100 Does anyone know what this is in payroll? TIA Pete
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QuickBooks Team

Re: NSURLErrorDomain error 100

Hey there, Gaffen99.

This message is one of the URL loading system errors. Updating QuickBooks Desktop for Mac can help improve the program's functionality and fix known issues in the software.


To begin, close out your payroll and then open the desktop version to download the latest release. Then, open the company file to select the QuickBooks icon.

Next, choose Check for QuickBooks Updates to hit the Install Update button. When prompted, click the Install and Relaunch button.

Once the download completes, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac will automatically open. Now, sign back in to your payroll account and try creating a paycheck.

If you continue to get the same result, I suggest switching to a different browser.

The following article provides detailed instructions on how to download the new release for your QuickBooks Mac Desktop: Update QuickBooks. 


Keep me posted if you have any questions or concerns. I'm just a few clicks away for help. Have a good one.