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Payroll Deductions

I am trying to enter payroll and there are no taxes or deductions coming from the paychecks.  The total gross and net are the same and the Payroll Summary above the deductions item is showing "adjusted" when I have not done anything except enter the hours.  My accountants office is closed and apparently so is Quickbooks support, it's the weekend!  I am incredibly frustrated and need to pay my employees. Please help!!

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Re: Payroll Deductions

I was able to fix the problem after finding another link from the Community page using the link for " Payroll taxes not deducted suddenly."  I read how to revert the paychecks by right clicking on their names.  When I went back in, the taxes were calculated and the deductions made from the checks. 

Community Manager

Re: Payroll Deductions

Hello lubecentral,


It's great to hear that QB is now calculating the correct payroll taxes. You've also found the right article that solves situations like yours. 


Please know that we are here to help you 24/7 if there's anything else that you need.