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payroll end period on 941

My payroll ends on Saturday, I pay on following Friday. I have to make semi weekly 941 deposits. But when I go to pay my 941 deposit from the payroll liabilities page. The period ending on the 941 is only for 3 three days and that includes the check date for example. I ran payroll for last week ending 1/19/19 with a check date of 1/26/19, but the 941 says for period ending 1/23/19 -1/25/19.

I'm just wondering if I e-file these deposits will it mess up my quarterly reports? Is there a way to change this date on the 941 to reflect the pay period. I'm afraid that when I get to the end of the quarter the last pay period will not be included in the current quarter. Any suggestions?

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payroll end period on 941

Pay period is immaterial in when payroll is posted or when liabilities are due. Pay DATE overrides all.

As a semi-weekly contributor your pay date of Friday requires a deposit by the following Wednesday.


The 941 totals for Q1 2019 will only include pay dates of 1/1/19-3/31/19, even if first pay in 2019 is for work weeks in 2018. That is the way it is. And your last workweek in March will be paid in the second quarter and that is when the paychecks are created and the applicable quarter for the deposit would be second quarter


QB keeps track of the proper liability per quarter and even per semi-weekly deposit rules


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