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Payroll Tasks Won't go away

On my Quickbooks online homepage, Tasks keep showing up for payroll tax items that my accountant completed for me. How do I get rid of these tasks? When I hit file now it doesn't go away and they have already been filed manually by my accountant. It isn't anything I needed to record a payment for. 


Your Payroll items:

    W-2, Copies A & D (year 2019) filing   File Now                                   47 days overdue

    ND 307 (Year 2019) filing   File Now                                                       45 days overdue

    W-2, Copies B, C & 2 (year 2019) filing    File Now                               45 days overdue

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Payroll Tasks Won't go away

Thank you for contacting us, christastayton.


We are aware of the payroll tasks still showing due after tax payments are made or forms are filed. Our Product Team is currently working to fix this issue.


You can verify this by pulling up the Payroll Wage Summary and Tax Liability report. It should say that there is nothing owed in the system. Here's how you can access them.

  1. Go to Reports and find the name of the report.
  2. Select Standard, then go to Payroll.
  3. Choose the report you want to view.
  4. Filter your report by employee, date range, and work location, and then select Run report.

Meanwhile, you can archive those forms to remove them from your tasks page.


You can also refer to this article: Run payroll reports to see other statements available in QuickBooks Online.


Keep me posted if there's anything else you need with QuickBooks. I always have your back.

Level 1

Payroll Tasks Won't go away

When I click on File now, it doesn't let me Archive these forms. It lets me View or print the form and alerts me that the filing period is too far in the past. So if the product team is working on this will the tasks just disappear once fixed?

QuickBooks Team

Payroll Tasks Won't go away

Hi there, christastayton.


You're getting the message that the filing period is too far from the past because today's date is way beyond the 2019's due date.


You can ignore the task for now while the issue is being worked on. If you can see an X or a Trash icon, click on it to remove the reminder from your Dashboard. You can also use this article as an additional guide: Manage Your To Do list.


I'll revisit this thread to share an update as soon as we receive them from our engineers. 


Don't hesitate to visit us again if you need anything else. 

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