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Payroll tax report e-filing

I received notice that the state of AZ has no record of receiving an e-filed 3rd quarter payroll report.  QuickBooks online shows the report was submitted and accepted.  I need to know how to confirm the submission.  There should be some transmission number available from QuickBooks, correct?  What do we communicate with the AZ Dept of Revenue?  

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Payroll tax report e-filing

Hi there, Stephan King CPA,


Thanks for getting in touch with us today. I can show you how to get this issue resolved.


Technically, all forms submitted electronically inside QuickBooks should directly be reported to your state unless there aren't any service interruptions during the time of submission. In your case, we'll need to get in touch with our QuickBooks Online Payroll Team for them to trace your electronic submission. They can also provide the tracking number to check whether the form successfully went through the state portal.


Here's where you can contact us: QuickBooks Online Payroll


Please let me know how this goes, Stephan King CPA. I want to make sure your issue gets taken care of.

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