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Payroll - Teacher Retirement Systems Reports

We are a small open enrollment Charter School in Galveston, TX.  We use QuickBooks Enterprise for all of our accounting and even payroll.  Being a Charter School entity, we are required that every employee participates in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) program instead of Social Security (Non-OASDI member).  I have been doing payroll since Sept 2018 and the TRS reports are quite complex.  I was wondering if anyone else is using QuickBooks in a school environment and have the reports already created to upload to the TRS system.  I have created the payroll items to do both employee and employer deductions, but need help with the reports.  I have attached the reporting format manual that TRS gave to me.  As you can see it is quite a monster. Lol.


Thanks in advance.


Greg Howell

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Payroll - Teacher Retirement Systems Reports

Greetings, @GregH5877,


Welcome and thank you for getting in touch with us today. I can share some information about the employee reports available in QuickBooks.


At the moment, there isn't a specific report in QuickBooks where you can directly upload into the TRS system. You can, however, pull up our employee reports then manually customize them in Excel. Let me walk you through the steps:

  1. Go to the Report tab.
  2. Choose Employees & Payroll.
  3. Select the employee report that's close the required information of your agency. (Example: Employee Contact List)
  4. To apply customizations on the report, you can click the Customize Report button at the top.
  5. To add filters, click the Filters tab then select the information you want to add.
  6. To export the report, click Excel on the report toolbar.

You can checkout these articles to know more about customizing and exporting reports in QuickBooks Desktop:

Please let me know if you need further assistance with the process. I'm always around to back you up. Have a great day!

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Payroll - Teacher Retirement Systems Reports

What you have is an Excel type of file, where they are going to read each Row as having specific status indicators, and info, each time you upload.


This is a bit beyond the QB user forum, a text-based interface. You should find out if their Payroll Support person has the info for how to Send QB report data using an Excel import, to them. What you are asking about is a Prepared Interface. Or, you need to ask them to work with you on preparing this interface. This really is Coding, or Programming. If that isn't your Job, then this should not be your task. Or, you will hire someone to do the interface for you. Or, you are good enough with Excel, that you can use the Reports in QB, some of which are already part of "More Reports in Excel" and some will be your Permanent Excel template already, and some will be payroll paydate reporting that you run in QB and Export to Excel, choosing to Update an existing spreadsheet, which you are using to either hold the updated values or hold the new Current Values to provide for the raw data in a Linked Workbook.


I do a lot of this from QB to Excel because I do Auditor reporting and Graphing. QB doesn't handle this as a Standardized Function. Intuit has done it for uploading required E-filing to States and the Feds. You might search the Web, to see if your format already exists. I would start with your TRS programming staff. You are the End User, and that sort of makes you their Customer.

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