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Payroll Update 21904

Payroll Update 21904 included an action for Kentucky SCorp Pd Med Premium.  I can't find the instructions for the action.  Can you please help?


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Re: Payroll Update 21904

Choose the Update payroll option from the Employees menu and on the main dialog is an Info button to open the instructions.

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Re: Payroll Update 21904

It's only giving me the option for the next update 21909.

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Re: Payroll Update 21904

Hi there, @glenna_uti,


Welcome back to our forum. I can share some insights about our latest payroll tax table updates.


Our Support Team recently released the payroll update version 21906 last February 21, 2019. However, you still have the option to view prior updates in your QuickBooks account. Let me walk you through the steps:


  1. Go to the Employees menu.
  2. Select Get Payroll Updates.
  3. Click the Payroll Update Info.
  4. On the blue window, you can see the Tax Table Updates summary.
  5. To view the update history, click the Tax Table tab.
    tax tab.PNG
  6. Scroll down, until you reach the Changes to Tax Tracking Types section.
    tax tab 1.PNG
  7. Hit the click here link to view required actions of the update.

To know more about our latest payroll releases, please check out this article: Latest Payroll News and Updates


That should give you the information you need, @@glenna_uti. Please don't hesitate to mention me anytime. I'm here to whenever you have additional questions about QuickBooks.

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