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I have an employee that closed their account after I ran payroll and before the direct deposit went through, what needs to happen next for them to get their money back


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QuickBooks Team

Re: payroll

Hello there, Kelly28.

The funds will most likely be rejected if the employee's bank account is already closed after you processed the payroll. Hence, the money will be returned to your bank account within 2-3 banking days.


When this happens, you can void the paycheck after it gets rejected. Then, you can either create a manual check or process a direct deposit to a different account.


Here's how to void a check:

  1. Go to the Reports tab, then click Paycheck List.
  2. Select the date range of the paycheck you wish to delete.
  3. Mark  () on the paycheck.
  4. Then, Delete.
  5. Click OK.

Moving forward, if you wish to update the bank account of your employee, you can check this article: Troubleshoot direct deposit issues.


I'm always around if there's anything that I can help you with.