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Posting payroll in summary vs detail.

When using QB Payroll, then the journal entry can be posted only in detail correct?
 But I do not want all the accountants to see the detail.  And I do not want to use an outside payroll because all the Time and Job Cost Detail will lose its function.  How do you work around this.
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Re: Posting payroll in summary vs detail.

Although I dont use QB payroll, I think that if you set the user permissions to exclude payroll then the detail entries in the payroll accounts will become hidden from those users.

However, depending on their permissions, they may still be able to see the tallies in reports.

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Re: Posting payroll in summary vs detail.

Hi there, @Steven_2019.


Journal Entry will affect accounts only, it won't show on your payroll reports. Also, there's no option to hide the details from your accountant. Once you added an accountant to your QuickBooks Desktop company file, you give the users unrestricted access to view all transactions, including payroll info.


You can follow these steps below to see the Areas and Activities your accountant can access:

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Select Users and choose Set Up Users and Roles.
  3. Click View permissions under the User and Role pop-up window. 1.png
  4. Select Role and choose Accountant.
  5. Then click Display. 1.png


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