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QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The IRS outlined the upcoming FFCRA relief, but I want to assure my clients how Intuit will handle this on payroll. Will there be a new pay item to separate FFCRA paid leave from other types of pay and PTO? Are there plans to enact this soon?


Will there be a report showing how much was paid in leave vs. payroll taxes credited against it? Also, who will be responsible for requesting payment from the IRS?


If there is an article from Intuit on all of this, please feel free to post a link.

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QuickBooks Team

QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Hi there, @RayanneB.


We are now working with the appropriate development teams to determine how to best support the specifics of the act. We are engaging with the IRS to understand how these changes will be supported on their end. 


IRS guidance is critical for us to move forward quickly with the right implementation. We will post or email the information on how this will be implemented.



As of the moment, you can visit the IRS website for any updates referring to this act.


Also, you can check our blog site to help you navigate through the current coronavirus outbreak and to know any new updates in QuickBooks Online.


If you have any other related concerns in QuickBooks. Leave a comment below, and ill be here to help.


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QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

We all have these same issues. Will there be notices posted by QB when work has been done. How soon can we implant this?

QuickBooks Team

QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Thank you for writing to the Community, @kayHK,


We are here to help you. We understand that COVID-19 has put a strain on our customers during this difficult time. 


Rest assured, we are working to see the best options to provide to our customers at this time of struggle. In the meantime, you can visit the IRS website to check any updates for this act.


Also, you can check our blog site to be more updated on any new implement feature in QuickBooks.


Please know that the Community is doing the best to provide the necessity of our customers.

Community Champion

QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

EVery subscriber to payroll should have or will receive this email



COVID-19 Payroll Tax Updates and Information


Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, some State Withholding and Unemployment agencies are investigating potential delays to tax payment and filing due dates. As Intuit researches agency changes, we recommend staying up to date by looking for information directly on agency specific websites.

In our Payroll Tax Compliance Community Article you can select the tax agency that you file and pay taxes to and then follow the links for Withholding or Unemployment Insurance. We expect any agency changes related to payment and filing due dates to be updated on agency sites when that information becomes available. We recommend visiting these websites directly for the latest up to date information on payment and filing due dates.

We understand this unprecedented situation is causing enormous impact to small businesses and we will continue to research any changes to payment and filing due dates with Federal and State agencies.

In addition, we want to provide an update on the recently passed FAMILIES FIRST CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE ACT which goes into effect on 04/2/2020. Section D in the above article provides critical information that will impact employers including:

Requirement for employers with less than 500 employees to provide Paid Sick Leave and Family Medical Leave to their employees in specific situations associated with COVID-19.

To offset the cost to businesses, Employer Social Security Tax will be reduced by the amount of Paid Sick and Family Medical Leave costs covered by employers.

Intuit continues to research this recently signed bill and is actively working on providing solutions to our customers. Additional information regarding the implementation of this bill into payroll will be sent out when more information becomes available.

We appreciate your patience while we work to ensure your business is updated with recent payroll tax changes related to COVID-19.


The Intuit Payroll Team


Level 2

QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Following.  Will this also be applied to Intuit Online Payroll?


QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Hello there, nberruezo.


Thanks for your effort in reaching out to us for support. We're always here to help.


Yes, this also applies to Intuit Online Payroll. As mentioned above, we're working together to identify the course of action we can give you at this battle.


We encourage users to visit this link that contains the on how what you can do now for the protection of your business and employees during these times. 


Please know that the Community is always here to help.

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QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

I assume there will be a response for Desktop users as well; and specific instructions for customers of assisted payroll, etc?  This goes into effect on APRIL 1. Monday is the 30th... will we see instructions before our employees start clocking in (using TSheets) on the affected days?

Community Champion

QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

If they are clocking in doesn't that mean they are "on the clock" and not on sick leave? 


There certainly will be payroll changes for all versions and as I understand are in the works but this law is so messed up the way it reads employees must first take 2 weeks unpaid leave and cannot be charged or use banked time off before you pay them the fmla covid19 time off. 


Nowhere do I see mentioned other than we are not charged for FICA on this any exemption from this extra sick pay from FUTA, SUTA, state what, local why and 401k deductions. Any regular sick pay or PTO is always subject to all taxes as if it were for time worked. And then how does this play into the new up to 4 months of sick pay "direct?" From the government.


With a bonus of $600/week on top of regular unemployment what laid off worker will have any incentive to go back until labor day.


Small business loans from states and/or DC are forgivable if employee numbers are maintained or increased so there is incentive to borrow $100,000 just to keep employees "on the clock"



Level 4

QBO Payroll and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

@john-pero Actually you can "clock into/out of" other payroll items, such as sick leave, PTO, and in this case even to indicate FFCRA leave which we will need to track meticulously.  As you may know, some employees will be able to have intermittent leave, especially for the extended leave to care for child(ren), so they may be working remotely, and in as few as 90 minute increments, or part days, or just several days a week... all scenarios in which they will need to clock in and out remotely.  



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